Job Education provides all of our workshops in English as well. Our trainers are bilingual
and therefore we are able to host any one of our 60+ workshops in English.

Why English?

Do you work in an international environment? Or are you planning to host an international event?

If most (or all) participants are more comfortable with taking the workshops in English language rather than in Dutch, we will organize any selected workshop in English. We do this just to make sure the participants are able to fully develop themselves.

How we work.

  • 1) Discuss content & subjects

  • 2) Translation

  • 3) Workshop

1. Discuss content & subjects.

We’ll make a perfect fit for your workshop.

Together we will determine the exact content and subjects that are relevant for the participants and that should be handled in the workshop.

2. Translation.

Job Education will translate all presentations, contents and materials used in the workshop so that participants have the exact same learning experience as they would have in Dutch.

3. Workshop.

Everything settled? Great!

The entire workshop will be given in English. The trainer that is organizing the workshop will also communicatie in proficient English.

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